Integral to the project execution procedures is a collection of quality systems, based on ISO 9001 of 2000, which guide the work execution and monitor the quality standards as set by DSV. These include :

  • BACK-UP SYSTEM:  On each project, irrespective of size, at least two persons in the organisation remain involved and informed as to the status and details. This contributes to better and faster communication with Clients, Suppliers and Contractors and ensures continuity on all projects.
  • MONITOR SYSTEM:   An experienced person in the organisation not involved in the detail of the specific project, is often used to monitor and review elements / portions of the work and act as sounding board. This is useful in the preparation of documentation and reports where different viewpoints may be incorporated.
  • PROJECT COSTING SYSTEM:   All Principals and staff complete daily timesheets, accurate to the quarter hour. These are checked on a weekly basis by the Principal and loaded onto a computer-based project costing system on a fortnightly basis.  
  • CHECKLISTS AND WORKLISTS:   All Principals and staff make use of standard check- and work lists, as customised for the specific project, in the execution of the projects.
  • PRACTICE MANUALS:   A well documented set of practice manuals are used to set up standard procedures, structures, specifications, drawings, etc.