The following outlines the processes and procedures used by DSV in the execution of projects entrusted to the practice

  • A Responsible Principal is allocated to the project as a whole and he liaises with, and is responsible to the Client for the successful completion of the project.
  • A Project Leader (normally a Principal or Engineer) may be appointed to facilitate co-ordination and liaison between the various in-house groups involved on a project, should the size and complexity of the project warrant this.  A detail project plan per installation is drawn up and updated with all relevant information throughout the design and construction stages.
  • A Principal, Engineer or Senior Technician, experienced in each specific installation, is responsible for the design, specification and construction stages of each specific installation.
  • Technical staff are assigned to each project or sub-project as and when required.
  • Depending on the size, nature and scope of the appointment, many of the above functions may be performed directly by the Responsible Principal or the Project Leader. 

A project execution quality control system is used whereby the Project Leader ensures that the quality of work executed conforms to the written norms and standards set by DSV.

The Project Leader is assisted in his project co-ordination and control functions by a standardised, well-documented and proven system of guidance notes, models, examples, checklists, etc. The system is aided by computer-based software/systems.

At the completion of each stage of work, the project and work are reviewed by an evaluating Principal.