DSV has professional indemnity insurance as required and coordinated by CESA.  However, it is expressly agreed that the firm will not be held responsible for inadequacies in our brief. Whereas we will endeavour to assist in defining the brief, any failure to perform as a result of omissions or discrepancies in the brief remains the responsibility of those instructing us. 

The total liability of DSV under or in connection with any Agreement shall not exceed the amount of our professional remuneration on the project, excluding recoverable reimbursements and expenses and a prescription period of 3 years from handover of the project shall apply. 

Where the firm is approached, by the Client/Employer and/or any other Professional or Contractor involved in/on the project, for advice or an opinion, on any aspect of the project for which the firm has not specifically been employed and/or do not render an account, no liability for such advice/opinion shall attach to and/or be accepted by DSV. 

If the Client/Employer wishes, because of his/your particular circumstances or otherwise, to obtain additional professional indemnity insurance for his particular project in excess of the amount of professional indemnity insurance of DSV, then we can assist to obtain such increased or special coverage at their cost.